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Lesley Worley Bruechner
Lynn Worley Myck
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We. Are. Creatives.

Lesley Bruechner and Lynn Myck are Dallas-raised sisters with strong family ties that were influenced by their grandparents. Their paternal grandparents, “Old Dad”, a noted mid-century Dallas architect, and “Mammy”, were global travelers, gardeners, gourmets and collectors who passed their love of unique architecture and furnishings to their granddaughters. Lynn and Lesley feel the influence of their attention to scale, modern eye, and affinity for bold touches. 


Their maternal grandparents, "Honey" and “Nanny”, lived in Beaumont on Red Top Farm and had a beloved home on Crystal Beach on the Texas Coast. Their warm, loving, storytelling memories have stayed with their granddaughters, particularly those of Honey, who would frequently ask, “Are you Savvy, girls?” Lynn and Lesley feel the influence of their western meets coastal style and affinity for casual living.


Both sisters studied at the University of Texas, then worked in New York City. Lesley studied architecture, then art, and worked as a textile designer in fashion and home furnishings. Lynn studied oil painting and photography and worked at an established photo agency and a renowned home retailer. 


In 2004, after returning to Texas, they established their boutique interior design firm, Savvy House, Inc. Named with a nod to their beloved grandfather, Honey. 


Lynn and Lesley develop long-term relationships with their clients. Their clients feel heard, respected, and befriended; and return to Savvy House again and again for their homes and projects. Lynn and Lesley make it fun and establish a meaningful connection with their clients.

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